About Me

I have a strong desire to be creative which has been with me throughout my life. I started playing guitar at 9 years old and it wasn't long before I began writing songs. I spent many of the following years in bands performing up until I was 34. I still wrote and played but a shift was occurring. I then found photography in an unusual path.

In 1993 I took up skydiving and during the following 18 years of jumping I started shooting video and photos in the air. My interest in photography was born and I have been pursuing it seriously ever since. I discovered that I have a passion for light and capturing moments in time. 

Why I Should Be Your Headshot Photographer

As luck would have it I ended up modeling for 2 years in New York City which gave me a lot of experience on the other side of the camera. After photographing a wide variety of subjects I found myself drawn to shooting people and found that I have a knack for catching personality. Now the modeling background helps me as a headshot photographer in coaching my clients in getting the best out of their headshots and portraits.

I have also studied under one of the best headshot photographers in the world, Peter Hurley and my expertise in the field has since earned me an Associate Photographer position in Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew. There are currently under 100 Associates worldwide and I am the only Associate in New Jersey.